37 Birthday Thoughts

37 Birthday thoughts…
1. Take care of yourself, but not at the expense of others.
2. Take care of others, but not at the expense of yourself.
3. The most efficient form of charity is developing tools for people to help themselves.
4. Strive every day to improve.
5. Don’t force other people to improve they will only resent you.
6. Value systems over goals.
7. Set objectives every morning. Evaluate your progress every night.
8. Elevate other’s in their success, humble yourself in light of your own.
9. If you find a way out… shout it out on mountain tops.
10. Climb’s to top of a mountain, shouts “Buy Bitcoin!”
11. Torchy’s Taco is better than Taco Deli.
12. Winter Soldier is the best Marvel Movie to date.
13. Trolling is the Art.
14. Memetic Warfare will be the humanities course everyone takes in 2035.
16. Predator is the best movie of all time.
17. I still can’t believe Arnold Schwarzenegger hid an illegitimate child that looks just like him through his entire governorship and from TMZ for 14 years. It’s what makes me believe in conspiracies honestly. If the highest paid actor turned governor can keep a secret that big for that long… what other things are they hiding? Hollow Earth?
18. Bitcoin is now cheaper… perfect time to buy.
19. Lifting weights can help with depression.
20. You are not your fucking khakis.
21. I still don’t know how I really feel about Trump yet.
22. The wall is a joke, but so are roads and government.
23. Protecting children is the highest of callings. Moaning on the internet is the lowest.
24. The sky is not falling… and if it were, your screaming on social media wouldn’t help.
25. Bitcoin is now more expensive… but you should still replace your fiat currency with it whenever you get the chance. In doing so you prevent the military industrial complex from taxing you via inflation. This invisible tax allows them to engage in a perpetual war with the third world as a guise to consolidate and amass power.
26. Try fasting for mental, physical and emotional health.
27. Awareness is not Charity… and after a certain level of awareness is reached, raising money on its behalf is evil.
28. End all black markets and all victimless crimes to reduce global suffering. Except of course for child exploitation and slavery, of which, if you have ended all other black markets and victimless crimes, you have now freed countless policing dollars to help eliminate human trafiking.
29. Only listen to or pay for gurus, personal trainers, chiropractors etc.. so long as you see daily self-improvement, the moment you plateau they aren’t worth your time or money.
30. Everyone hates their day job… don’t be the reason people hate their day job.
31. Dance and sing more, the world is safer and the poor are richer than any other point in human history.
32. Create something new.
33. … as long as it’s not Modern Art.
34. Edging death is no way to live life. Motorcycles, skydiving, unprotected sex with strangers… climbing Mount Everest… do you hate life that much?
35. You should be edging the destruction of your ego, not your health. Do something you hate but will bring about personal improvement. Get outside your comfort zone.
36. Buy Bitcoin.
37. All the above being considered… do you… with reckless abandon.

Drawing by my good buddy Paul Russel.