Another Strange Trump Bedfellow

In my previous post The Strange Bedfellows of Donald Trump I expounded on the possibility that counter culture media personalities are supporting Donald simply to ride the wave of artificial inflation of search engine optimization products being currently injected into the internet by the Trump campaign using his barrels of daddy’s money and how he, his platform, and his track record are in opposition with these personalities views.  Another such personality, Stefan Molyneux, has also since saddled up to the Trump Trough.  Admittedly, I have not had the opportunity to watch all of Stefan’s Trump related videos but like Milo Yiannopoulos, Molyneux has no skin in the game, he is Canadian.  Stefan’s show runner is however, a voting American and a Trump supporter.  Either because of his show runner’s support, Trumps constant appearance in the news, or the Trump SEO bubble I have mentioned before, Stefan has quite a few videos about not glowing but certainly more supportive of Trump than they are detracting.  They have a significant amount of more views than any of his other videos which would probably entice him to make even more.

Of the 24 videos above three are about Trump, one of them being the highest video of the bunch.  I had a chance to watch it while writing this and Molyneux validates some of Trumps points on immigration.  His other video, Anti-Donald Trump Propaganda – Rebutted! is essentially Stefan defending Trump’s comments against the lying and distorting mainstream media.  But why?  The MSM lies about everyone, why defend Trump.  At best Trump has stumbled on a valid point, at minimum he is just saying what his supporters want to hear, and at worst the MSM is attacking and distorting what he is saying because he is the designated controlled opposition.  How about analyzing the Non-Aggression Principle, or NAP, a favorite topic of Stefan’s, against Donald Trump’s use of Eminent Domain, now that would make a good video.

A quick twitter audit reveals more than 1/3 of all of Trump’s internet followers are fake. Fake twitter followers are the new Emperor has no Clothes. What is to say that polls, MSM puff pieces, and even opposition propaganda attack campaigns can’t be bought in just the same manner? Infotainment news sources such as Fox and MSNBC are profit driven, not truth driven, after all. Trump has more than enough money to out pay his competitors to make himself look good across every avenue including looking bad on liberal news sites to rally his base.

I’m doing my best to feed at this Trump Trough myself, I’d love it if SoL would start making me some money, but I won’t do it without speaking truth to power.  Don’t agree with me?  Sick of me ragging on Trump?  Tell me below, lets hash this out together.