A Line in the Cloud

lineinthecloudLeeVWSomething snapped in me.  It fundamentally altered this site.

Cell Pepe
A rare Pepe.

Maybe I’m just getting older.  Nah, I was binge watching old One Piece episodes on Hulu. I was being pelted over and over by Orwellian Microsoft 10 commercials.  In it they say your kid’s will grow up on Microsoft.  Their smiles will be passwords.  Fairly arrogant to predict a continued market superiority but I guess they have had a monopoly this long.  Sure biometrics will be a harder to crack than a clever p4$$w0rd, or are they?  But don’t for a minute say its any more secure than a regular run of the mill robust password. Biometrics will simply be converted to a hash sequence that can be spoofed, or simply bypassed completely, by people who discover the back doors in the software and hardware purposefully placed in them it for the NSA.  Biometrics are also fuzzy in that they aren’t exact and brut hacks exploit this close enough aspect of biometric barriers.  Did we learn nothing from the fappening?  Celebrity’s nude photos pilfered from what they were told was a secure cloud location. Nothing in the cloud will ever be 100% secure.  Ever.  This doesn’t mean I wont use it to store my rare pepes, I just wont use it to store pictures of my pee pee.

LIFO Bitches.

I was one of the last of my friends to jump onto Facebook and it looks like I might be the first to jump off. LIFO bitches.

I have made several semi serious efforts to abandon social media in the past.  It’s very difficult and this post is in no way me celebrating a victory just yet.  I was once addicted to World of Warcraft and it took canceling my subscription several times before it stuck.  I bet if I looked hard enough there is likely a related study out there on its dopamine like effects.  Social media clearly has this same crack like effect.  Each ping you receive from a like or a comment on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook probably has similar mood lifting effects as a solid handshake or high five In Real Life.

I am no addiction specialist.  I am actually not a specialist of anything other than of myself.  I can only and will only ever impart what has worked for me. When I become aware of an unhealthy addiction in my life I supplant it with a healthier addiction.  I used to drink 3-4 Pepsi a day.  Now I drink only Pure Cane Sugar Sodas and limit it to 2 a day.  I had friends that walked all over me.  Now I have friends that I would walk to the ends of the earth for.  Social media has become an unhealthy part of my life. I am going to make an attempt to supplant it with an addiction to posting to this website.

On many occasions I have posted long form thoughts such as these to Facebook.  Political rants or reviews of movies.  Some of which I became completely entrenched in. Heated debates with responses sometimes reaching in the 100’s.  It’s a good platform and they clearly cater to these situations.  Each time I received a response my phone would buzz giving me that dopamine drip.  Each time I would respond I would be hit with three or more ads related to our conversation on the right hand side.

Can you milk me Greg?

Here I am actively aiding in their ability to profile me and making them wealthier with ad revenue.  My content.  My hopes and dreams.  My discoveries.  These are all bricks in the surveillance state apparatus.  I, nay we, are being milked.

I am an artist and now a fledgling indie video game developer and I will inevitably have to use social media as a means to gain an audience for my products.  My line in the cloud is that social media will only ever lead people to this Website or to a place where my products can be purchased.  Also, I will only ever use cloud based services for material I would be willing show my mother.  At least here the revenue generated from my thoughts and the use of the cloud goes to me.  I invite you to do the same.