Doubling Down

It’s been awhile since my last post, much has changed, but the important things have been condensing. I am now a father! The kiddo is super cute and although challenging at times he is a wonderful addition to my life. Yatta, I have fulfilled my biological imperative.

Besides booger duties I have been setting up a proper way to stream and record content as another avenue to work from home.  Some of the fruits of that can be seen on my youtube channel here…


I have stayed relatively active on my twitter account and in my private facebook but I’ve maintained zero intention in swaying people towards any candidate after the primaries had ended.  During the primaries I tried desperately to sway people away from Donald Trump here, here and here.  To no avail, and now a meteor is more appealing to many.  After the primaries I had a brief moment where I thought I could support Gary Johnson, until he opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue.  He channeled some real awkward dad humor and Howard Dean moments over the last few months.  His fake marijuana heart attack landed some genuine laughs but at that point he was was so far in the hole it didn’t matter.

It is unfortunate running mate supported Hillary… like WTF Mate?

No matter who wins tomorrow we all lose. But this is a good thing. Losing is not death. Most winners lose from time to time. We get back to training and attempt to win another day. I knew for quite some time that the Mainstream Media was dead, Fox, CNN, NBC, et. all, but now I have tangible proof in the Wikileaks emails.  The Wolf Blitzer and Donna Brazile leaks in particular prove CNN is the Clinton News Network and a propaganda wing of the oligarchs in charge of our government. They have lost all integrity. Why is this good? There is a job opening. Enter us, citizen journalists and pundits.

Wikileaks is the first organization I have experienced in my life that is objectively non-partisan, accurate, and aligned with my moral compass.  I followed a great many blogs and alternative news sites during the Bush Administration that were Anti-War and the moment Obama took office they all fell silent. In some cases cheered the militaristic actions of their party, it was the height of hypocrisy, I stopped following them and I never looked back.  Similarly, during this election cycle, I have begun to follow several personalities that opine Wikileaks revelations critical of Hillary Clinton and only time will tell if these personalities and Trump will become absorbed by the military industrial if they win.