How I would make Anomolisa

It’s 2030 and just before King Trump destroys the world Elon Musk’s team creates a super computer on Mars simulating Earth.   The simulation, indistinguishable from our reality, is running countless, nearing infinite variations and is programmed to stop spawning alternate timelines when Trump is not elected president in 2016.  The information to stop his rise to power is then beamed via a powerful laser through a black hole to reach Earth before the election and thwart the apocalypse.

For whatever reason I have become aware that we are currently in one such simulation.

Do I continue to try and stop Trump? If I succeed, humanity may be saved BUT the simulation will end and we will all cease to exist.

This is what Anomolisa could have been about.  Spoiler… instead, the movie is about an insufferable man that cheats on his wife.  Marvel at the craftsmanship and suffer through the story it was used on.