Hypocritically High

TIL: Anti-Marijuana Assemblyman Katz,

…who is a member of the chamber’s Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, voted against a bill last year that would have legalized medical marijuana..

… was arrested for possession in 2013 and let off with a small fine and community service.


Does this anger you?  It should.

This man is spending a life sentence in jail for weed.

Is this fair?  No.

Is it effective?  No.

Who does it benefit? Not me, you or the kids.



If this does anger you, did you know your last three Presidents smoked weed?  Does that bother you?  It should.

This is a fairly old rant by Pen Jillete, 2012, but considering the Federal Government has made no moves to reclassify Marijuana people are still being sent to prison for its use and possession.

Earlier this year it seems Obama might be starting to come around.

Obama commutes sentences of 46 nonviolent drug offenders

That is a wonderfully great start.

Hopefully he will make enough inroads before we get a total loser with ideals like Katz in office in 2016.

Wow, he is sounding pretty reasonable on weed.  That is rather refreshing.  But he is still blatantly harsh on opiates and other drugs.  What right does he, or the government, have to dictate what we choose to put in our own bodies?  Is it even warranted?  Is it even backed up by legitimate science or is it still from the bygone reefer madness era of junk Big Pharma abetting science?

Meet the doctor that has done almost every drug.

Meth? Yep. Heroine? Check.  AND HES A DOCTOR YOU SILLY FUCKS.

Lets not forget how many top athletes smoke weed.  Nick Diaz, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Micheal Phelps.

Who benefits from having illicit drugs remain illegal.  According to Dr. Carl Hart, it’s the Drug Companies.  It’s no longer in the realm of conspiracy that they are price gouging.  Think about how unethical price gouging is.  You are hurting the poor and keeping them poor if they wish to stay alive.  Then you are making things like weed, which can treat a myriad of ailments, illegal because it is a treatment that can be grown for free in your back yard.

23 Health Benefits Of Marijuana

What if a safer version of cocaine, known for being an appetite suppressant, could help with our obesity epidemic.  What if a safer regulated version of Heroin could help with anxiety or depression, studies have shown that MDMA can.

I can argue until my collar pops from the veins in my neck about the conspiracy of junk science for political gains but ultimately it is utterly irrelevant.  We need to demand to regain our sovereignty over our bodies and in our homes.  We should be allowed to put whatever we want in our body so long as we aren’t hurting anyone else.


Leeland Out.