Iron Fist v Schumer: Criticgate Evidence?

Iron Fist and an Amy Schumer special just dropped on Netflix and opposing armies in the culture war have affixed their crosshairs. One is a pile of dung and deserves every bit of the hate and the other is a slow to boil, Marvel Property.

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer has never been funny and is likely a joke thief…

That being said, I never would have watched her show. Period. Not even morbidly interested. Simply by watching the special gives her money that she won’t use on personal hygiene. Don’t be the view that convinces Netflix to license another special, just don’t.

Incidentally, she and her special are getting hit with a down voting brigade by alt-righters, anti-sjws, mgtows, and trolls. She now has a 1-star rating. She has been a vocal 3rd wave, the wage gap is real, feminist. The moment her special dropped many used it as a chance to make a political statement. The trolls and downvote brigade are an easy scapegoat but in all likelihood, the special is utter trite to the average consumer.

This is a tactic invented by the regressive left being co-opted by the alt right in the ongoing culture war.

Netflix noticed, and seemingly they have sided with the social justice warriors and safe spaced their platform by removing the star rating in favor of a like or dislike button.

Iron Fist

Iron Fist is being universally panned by SJWs, is this evidence of a criticgate? These virtue signaling critics have labeled the show whitewashing, even though the character has always been white.

“The character has always been white in the comics, but who cares? Ultimately, I don’t see why Marvel couldn’t have cast Danny with an Asian actor.”

Yes, this is an actual quote from Jeff Jensen at Entertainment Weekly. This is not an argument for the series being bad and you have thusly tainted any actual objective observations you may have had of the series, and any future observations, with your shitty politics.

Here are some more gems…

“Iron Fist’s decided unwokeness is notable…”

Get the fuck out of here with UNWOKENESS. Do you only give 5/5’s to woke series? Complete fail Sophie Gilbert.

“Aimless and dull, Iron Fist would be bad television even without its unseemly racial missteps. With them, it borders on unconscionable.”

Yeah, a Marvel Netflix series is literally oppressing people. You are and idiot Richard Lawson. Give me a fucking break. Vanity Fair, The Atlantic, and Entertainment Weekly have all revealed themselves to employ utter loons.

The lock step similarities in all these reviews will make even the thinnest of tin foil hats think of an overarching agenda.

Is Iron Fist Good?

Yes. You definitely have to give it a few episodes to warm up. It’s not without its flaws but it certainly is on par with the other Defenders and far above DC’s television lineup with the exception of The Flash.

Vote with your View

Like Voting with your dollar. If you like Iron Fist or Amy Schumer, watch them and tell your friends to watch them. Critics are irrelevant. Netflix tracks your views and will reward and renew shows accordingly.

Supergirl is an atrocious television show, but critics seem to love it. They actually shoehorned in the Hillary Clinton campaign slogan into the show, Stronger Together. The show is basically regressive left talking points with the laziest of plot structure barely holding it together. Are the vast majority of movie critics SJW’s?

Just look at the disparity between viewers and critics on both Iron Fist and Supergirl. More like Supercringe.

Iron Fist v Super Girl What ?? State of Leeland

This disparity is eerily similar to the impetus behind gamergate. I have talked about this disparity before in regards to Superman v Batman. The cynic in me wants to think that critics are simply being paid to regurgitate these talking points, however, they are probably just stuck in their own echo chamber and virtue signaling worried if they don’t they won’t get a seat at the trough. Will the free handouts from the studios that champion this regressive left culture end if they don’t toe the narrative? If your bias is so blatant that it reveals itself in aggregators like Meta Critic you are typing your way out of fans.

Is there a Criticgate?

Many of the game reviewers, indie game developers, movie developers, movie reviewers, and wealthy distributors intermingle. You can see it in their twitter follows and retweets.

Are all these critics on a mailing list or does one of them just do a call to arms on Twitter and they all jump on the bandwagon?

I saw this group think and exclusionary quid pro quo first hand at the several events that cater to both the movies and the games crowds here in Austin. They are all drinking together and sucking each other off, sometimes literally. Shouldn’t journalism be adversarial?

In particular, Douche Bagimous Prime, Devin Faraci formally of Birth Movies Death. This will catch you up to speed on all his drama.

You will notice around the time Devin stepped down from his position at BMD, Film Crit Hulk abandoned the all caps gimmick and escalated the anti-Trump rhetoric in almost a cult-like solidarity of his fallen comrade. He also began Devin-like movie reviews for Birth Movies Death, to the point I thought it was Devin’s nom de plume.

Devin is an anti-gamergate SJW Hypocrite of the highest order and it seems as though Film Crit Hulk has taken up his mantle. Give you one guess on which side of the Iron Fist fence he sits. Idiots, both of them.

I’m not too concerned, like Faraci, I think Film Crit Hulk, will one day destroy his relevance with his own tweets.

The disparity in critics versus audience score in movies and television shows is akin to the disparity in video games quality and player reception versus reviews prior to gamergate. This chasm, like in the image above, is especially large when it seems to aid their regressive intersectional agenda. Will moviegoers and couch potatoes even notice? Do the average Netflix and Chill even care?

Simplest answer; critics are lazy and just taking someone else’s lead, but I love me a good conspiracy.

The Movie Goer, the Gamer, and the Death of the Modern Critic

Gamers, incidentally gamify their life, it is an interactive medium after all. They saw the big bad immoral review sites as mini-bosses and took them down visa vi gamergate. Some even speculate they got Trump elected, lol, I’m not kidding. Still, a better narrative than Putin did it.

Games aren’t just a larger monetary investment than movies, they are a much longer time investment as well. There is no binge equivalent for games save maybe the Steam Summer Sale or WoW. Not only are movies a passive medium but they are in comparison much less of an overall investment to consume.

The average movie goer likely doesn’t even seek out the advice of a critic in the first place. I know several normies that don’t even know what movie they want to see until they arrive at the theater. Do you think the average Fast and Furious fan checks a review for the latest installment?

Many of the people I know just ask a friend on Facebook if its worth it. Others, like myself, give every Marvel property a chance first viewing on the day of release.

Finally, as long as idiots like Faraci don’t get their hooks in over at Marvel, the idiots currently in Marvel sway no creative control, and Marvel continues to ignore the vocal minority idiots when they piss and moan, we won’t have a Mass Effect Andromeda style Marvel Movie to worry about in our future.

Namaste Bitches,