Not Art

America had a one night stand with Modern Art in the 60’s.  We should have kept the relationship a one night stand, but now it has two kids, a cat, and a mortgage.  It is low effort pretense of the highest level.  Paul Joseph Watson smashes this point home.

This is the extended clip of Joe Rogan flabbergasted at the waste of public money on a large untreated stone and a plexiglass box in a room.

But Leeland that is the point of Modern Art.  It transcends talent, effort, execution and other objective based observations.  It’s how it makes you feel.  Modern Art is itself a critique of the art establishment.  You need to read the artist’s statement.  BULL-FUCKING-SHIT.  Modern Art, if you are not yet aware, began as pure propaganda.  It was a tool of the CIA to combat the Russians during the cold war.  The CIA pumped money into purchasing and displaying the inane smatterings of common house paint to combat a renaissance of realist painting that was surging at the same time throughout Russia.  Modern Art would have died on the vine without this gigantic government subsidy.  This is the one night stand America had with modern art.  We took it out on a really expensive CIA funded date and we should have ended it there, but no, we got married to it like bottled water, bacon in everything, and over priced diamonds.  Yoko Ono is the cat and the MoMA is the mortgage in this analogy.  Imagine if the government thought pet rocks could have been a tool to fight the Russians, I shudder.  Beyond the extremist views of many art students, art critics and art collectors with no talent or taste, the only rational explanation for the continued existence of modern art is that it is a very elaborate money laundering operation.

Extremist though?  Yes extremist.  If you claim to understand modern art you may be thinking that calling a defender of modern art an extremist, is a little bit extreme, so I will share with you my logic.  First I have to tell you about Poe’s Law.  From the wiki:

Poe’s law is an Internet adage which states that, without a clear indicator of the author’s intent, parodies of extreme views will be mistaken by some readers or viewers for sincere expressions of the parodied views.

So I propose that the inverse is true.  If you parody something and it is mistaken for or defended by the community as legitimate then the beliefs held by the community are extremist.  Stephen Colbert is one such example.  His parody of conservative views was quite often mistook for genuine belief and not satire.  His satire of Bill O on the Colbert Report was so convincing many thought he was a legitimate conservative.  Ergo, through the use of an inverse Poe’s Law, its safe to consider conservative views extremist.

David Bowie, R.I.P. you genius fuck, helped to prank the modern art community in fabulous form back in 1998.  William Boyd authored a book: Nat Tate: An American Artist 1928–1960 for which Bowie threw a launch party and read excerpts from.  In the ultimate troll William Boyd had people at the party claiming to have known the fictitious Nat Tate.  These members of the modern art elite could not tell the difference between parody and reality.  Modern Art enthusiast through the use of an inverse Poe’s Law are, in my opinion, extremists.

Actual art takes effort and skill.  It takes years of honing abilities and refining technique.  Art takes planing and execution.  Art is instantly recognizable by the common lay person as well as the pretentious elitist snobby connoisseur.

When satire and trolling is so good it transcends the medium it is goofing. Trolling is a art.

As if Ethan Klein wasn’t already on his way to become bigger than Jesus, The Beatles or Daniel, his beanie reached a bid of 70million dollars on eBay before eBay took it down.  Yes, that is a screenshot with a bid of over 10K dolllars.  After some confirmations he was able to put the beanie back up and it quickly shot up to 2million.

HIS PARODY OF MODERN ART IS ACTUAL ART.  I am Deadpool fucking serious.  Ethan’s Beanie is more artistic than anything currently at the MoMA.  There is actual youtube video-graphic history behind that beanie.  Maximum effort and skill were into his video editing, scripting, and comedic timing.  This is art folks.  Soak it in.

Parodies aside, I rank Modern Art below Trump, Kanye, and Lance Armstrong but above Hillary Clinton and Shia Labeouf, because at least most modern artist’s don’t steal.  Ethan I currently rank above Picasso but below Caravaggio, Bob Ross and Elon Musk.  In the end I side with the janitors.