President-Elect Trump

I didn’t think I would ever write that, honestly, I knew he was the one to beat in the primaries but not in the general. I was among the many that thought he was a Hillary spoiler given their past friendship. That is until he put Bill’s accusers in the debate audience, savage. Even then, I still thought Hillary was going to win, I gave the establishment that much credit. Every apparatus was backing Hillary; Wall street, Reddit, Twitter, Google, MSNBC, CNN, The Pope, Hollywood, ESPN, Pop-Stars, and Actors shilled for her relentlessly. Trump had Alex Jones, Ann Coulter, Scott Adams, memes and a handful of budding independent media moguls that will no doubt see a boon from his win and hitching their cart to the Trump Train early.

Now presently leftists call Trump a warmonger when he hasn’t even taken office yet, after 8 years of silence, with Obama and his 5 foreign entanglements, and his hypocritical Nobel Peace Prize, they are idiots of the highest caliber. Dems lost the moral high ground when they took the utilitarian route for their party.  Here are some other reason’s they lost.

Why Hillary Lost

The DNC pushed for Trump. Therefore, they sowed the seeds of their own destruction.
The DNC cheated Bernie. In effect, they ham-stringed a true champion.
The DNC allegedly paid for violence at Bernie and Trump rallies. Voters were hurt, provocateur organizers lost their jobs.
The MSM gave Hillary debate questions ahead of time.
The MSM oversampled Democrats in their polls.
The MSM exaggerated Trump’s faults.
The MSM ignored Wikileaks.
Hillary and Obama both lied to the American people. The MSM ignored or downplayed this.
Hillary brought back McCarthyism.
Hillary threatened war with Russia even though no link ever existed.
Hillary called an internet cartoon frog meme racist.
The Obamas and Bernie did a complete 180° on Hillary.
Wikileaks proved Hillary was beyond corrupt.
Gary Johnson and Bill Weld were obvious spoilers FOR Hillary. And idiots.

Hillary losing to Trump does have some upsides.

The Positives of Trump Simply Winning

Ben Garrison Trump

RIP Political Dynasties. Too low energy. Too crooked.
RIP Political Correctness. Fuck Yeah! Incidentally, we may get comedians on college campuses again, yeah right campuses will double down with their safe spaces.
RIP The Mainstream Media. Wikileaks provided the nails, Trump was the hammer.
The memes were dank. At first, the memes seemed a bit forced, but after a little bit of phenomenology and by the end Harambe got 15,000 votes and Pepe became a WMD!

Pressing Forward

I am glad that the Bush and Clinton Dynasties are in our rear view, however, rest assured the Trump family could sell out just as quick if not quicker. He is already surrounding himself with questionable people. Stay vigilant. Stay frosty. Here is what to do during a potentially authoritarian Trump presidency.

Listen to Wikileaks, after all, they have a 10-year proven track record.
Protect the Constitution.
In the event of Neo-Con appointments, don’t give into fear mongering.
Support technologies that make government obsolete like automated cars and Bitcoin.
Hold him to his justice-seeking promises as they will prevent him from breaking these same laws.
Admonish any and all Neo-Con cabinet positions.
Pinpointed policy centered ridicule will be key. In fact, we know he checks his twitter, share your voice.
Ad-hominem got him elected. Consequently, if you don’t want him reelected drop the personal attacks.

Hope (Not the Obama Kind)

Lastly, I do sincerely hope Trump does not sell out. Here are some things he could do the moment he takes office to put me at ease and have me consider chanting MAGA.

Pardon the whistleblowers. ALL OF THEM.
Change Marijuana to a schedule 5 narcotic and support full decriminalization.
End the Drone Program.
Deescalate all foreign entanglements.
Audit the Fed. Maybe even appoint Ron Paul as the head.

Maybe that is too much to ask for day one but none of it shows up in this list.

Also, be extra weary of the entire establishment weight that backed Hillary to pull the economic rug out from under Trump if he doesn’t play nice.  Basically, let the bubble pop that they have been keeping inflated with printed money and blame all the economic woes on a Presidential candidate with no previous political experience.