Supplement Spotlight: Fat

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a scientist.  The following claims are personal observations that have worked with my physiology.  Do your own research and consult your physician.

What is Fat?

Well for starters its not what makes you fat excess calories does that.  Fat shouldn’t even be considered a supplement in my opinion more like a food group as important as protein and carbohydrates.  The problem with fat is that it has a short shelf life.  If you shop for mostly boxed goods in the center of the grocery store they don’t contain good fats because they spoil.  Taking out the fat takes out what tastes good about most things and so they supplant it with sugar.  Sugar is calorie dense so eating boxed foods has the unintended consequence of packing on weight.

Since Fat is difficult to find in modern American processed food, supplementing it should become a priority.

What have I experienced supplementing Fat?

Improved brain function.  I feel smarter when I am getting enough fat in my diet.  I have fewer instances of searching for a word on the tip of my tongue.  Fat is a whet stone for my wit.

Improved focus.  Like Tryptophan it helps my brain cut through the fog.  It’s the lube that keeps my gears from grinding.  I attribute fat to helping me battle ADHD more than any other source.  I tried many anti ADHD drugs in school and college.  They came with many side effects worse than the ADHD itself.  The worst side effect from drugs like Strattera I experienced were intense compression headaches.  I couldn’t concentrate on anything when I’m dealing with a headache.  Fat helped my grades.  It helped me stay on task.  It cured my ADHD.

Improved recovery.  When lifting weights soreness can last several days after a trip to the gym.  Supplementing fat decreases how long I am sore and allows me to return to the gym sooner.  I have found that good fat the day of a night of drinking will reduce my hangover the next day when combined with good hydration.

How do I take Fat?

I eat fatty stakes and cuts of meat.  Grass Fed Rib eyes are amazing.  Throw an entire pork shank into a crock pot bone, fat and all for pulled pork tacos the taste is amazing.  I cook with organic coconut oil and grass fed organic butter as often as I can afford it.  Nuts and nut butter are great sources of fat.  I take Nordic Naturals Fish Oil once a day.  I put coconut oil and peanut butter in my protein shakes it improves the flavor immensely.  I also put avocado on everything.

Not all Fat is the same.

Flax seed oil was the first oil I used to put in my shakes but it was a bit harsh on my digestion so I replaced it with coconut oil.  It is difficult to find organic canola oil but when baking cooking oil can be replace with butter and in cooking on the stove top it can be replaced with coconut oil which in many cases improved the flavor for me.  Try grape seed oil for salads!  Omega-3 Fatty acids are the best.  You can get the from eating fish or supplements.  I used to take fish oil pills from Costco but I would burp the nastiest fish flavored burp a few hours after so I switched to Nordic Naturals.  If I do burp after the Nordic Naturals pill it will have a much more pleasant citrus flavor.

Why should you take Fat?

Do you find yourself constantly searching for the right word or a person’s name?  Are you sore for four days or more after strenuous activity?  Do your hang overs last a whole day?  Well if that’s the case congratulations you are one hell of a party animal.  Drink tons of water then try some fat!