The Strange Bedfellows
of Donald J. Trump

From the beginning Trump has paid for his support.  People at his earliest rallies were paid to be there.  So much so The Simpsons parodied it on their show.

If you look at his twitter presence on the surface he looks like a social media juggernaut. But looks can be deceiving. It is far cheaper to buy support on the internet than it is in real life. The $50 he potentially spent per actor at his rally could net him 60,000 twitter followers from this site which is one of hundreds of similar sites selling twitter likes, retweets and follows.

Daddy’s money can go a long way in making you look desirable on the internet.  This brings me to the propaganda encircling Trump.  He is not a self made man.  He supported Hillary.  He loves Eminent Domain.  For these three reasons he is unsupportable and an anathema to sovereignty.  I support people with a track record of excellence, not promises.  Promises are easy to make and even easier to break.  This lesson surely should have been gleaned from 8 years under Bush and solidified under Obama.  Yet people support him.  Either ironically or for trolling purposes, but mostly, its for the money.

Trump’s Bedfellows

I follow all shades of infotainment, its gross that word doesn’t even come up under spell check, but I digress.  Three people whose media I watch from time to time have come to support Trump.  It vexes me.  These people are Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos and David Seaman.  I agree with Alex, Milo and David on 80% of their day to day issues.  They do a good job of lambasting the status quo and speaking truth to power.  Mostly I follow them because they are champions freedom of speech.

At best they have found themselves unwittingly on his team as they may have mistaken Trumps candidness as a kindred spirit.  Trump is only candid because he has his dad’s fuck you money.

At minimum they are drinking from Trump’s search engine optimization fountain.  All three media personalities have garnered boosts in their social media profile when they mention his name.  Each have given Trump a platform and received a boost in views and re-tweets from it.  The Donald himself has at some point mentioned or retweeted all three.  How do I know this even though I don’t follow Trump?  They shout it off the roof top, aka a tweet in caps, as though they have hit the lottery.  I know this feeling all too well as I had a similar reaction when I hit the front page of Reddit, but it is just as vacuous.  The moment is fleeting.  Trump is a train wreck and your boost in views is just rubber necking on the highway.  Like hitting the front page of Reddit your views will go through the roof but engagement and return visits will be nothing unless you can maintain your sites lips pressed against that tit.  Like a pack of locusts feeding on bandwidth and fluttering away after mere minutes.  This is great for artificially boosting views and duping ad agencies but you can’t run that ruse in perpetuity.

With Trump, unlike reddit, he engages back.  It’s a I scratch your back you scratch mine situation.  EXCEPT, that as mentioned above, its all fake.  It’s social media vapor ware.  The engagement is false and will evaporate as soon as Trump stops pumping his inheritance into search engine optimization products.  It is disgusting to me that Alex, Milo and David, all self made men in my eyes, are claiming Donald is as well.  He is not.  It is bizarre that they are willing to look past the fact he supported Hillary, someone I know all three loathe, so track records suddenly don’t matter to them?

The Eminent Domain Elephant

His use of Eminent Domain is the elephant in the room.  The man uses government bureaucracy and force to steal land.  I see countless idiotic tweets about trump not being able to be bought…

…which he loves to retweet.  YOU IDIOTS HE IS THE ESTABLISHMENT.  A lobbyist is a errand boy between a politician and a man like Trump.  By Trump becoming president he cuts out the middle man.   As president he can veto laws that directly hurt his profits or help to pass laws to increase them.  This premise sounds illegal right?

Congress Tells Court That Congress Can’t Be Investigated for Insider Trading

Well holy hell it would be like a wolf taking power from the fox currently in control of the hen house.  He could expand Eminent Domain further and then one day your house is sold at pennies on the dollar, or taken outright, to build Trump Presidential Luxury Mini Mansion Condos.  His run for presidency is an attempt at stream lining his business model.  Now he doesn’t have to donate to Hillary, he is Hillary.  This is all predicated of course on Trump being an actual candidate and not a spoiler for Hillary.

At worst Alex, Milo and David may be getting paid by Trump to be his echo chamber.  I can’t blame a guy for selling out.  Speaking of selling out, give me money, or better yet bitcoin, on the right.  Contact me if you would like to buy ad space on the State of Leeland we are adding writers and we don’t pay for clicks!  If they aren’t selling out to Trump directly then they are selling their own brands short for viral vapor ware.  Don’t get me wrong, Trump is a wave of free money and I can’t blame these three for surfing it.  Hell, in a way I’m doing it right now too.

Update 12/19/15: Maybe Alex, Milo and David just don’t want Trump to kill them when he takes office.

Trump excuses Vladimir Putin’s killing of opposition voices.