Top 10 Reason’s to #DumpTrump

10.  Mouth Smegma

It’s next level gross.  Do you want 4 years of him on TV addressing foreign leaders not cleaning the corners of his mouth when he talks?  Donald lacks self awareness, but you knew that from his ridiculous hair and orange skin.  Oh, and don’t forget the weird facial expressions.  Is a giant cockroach puppeteering his body from the inside?

While we are on the subject of a complete lack of self awareness his taste is beyond gaudy and completely stuck in the 80’s.  Its as if everything branded with Trump also has cocaine residue on it.  Maybe that’s what is building up in the corners of his mouth and keeping him more animated than Jeb Bush.  Drugs do give you dry mouth.

9.  Supports Marijuana Prohibition

He doesn’t just support the war on drugs, like his audible brain fart of an idea of building a wall, he want’s to further the war on Drugs.  Seriously, has prohibition worked for anything ever?  He MUST be stuck in the 80’s.  Colorado is flush with cash and in much better shape than Detroit or Chiraq.  The only two candidates that seem truly with the times on this subject are Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders.

8.  Trump Memes aren’t Memes

You can’t slap Trump’s face on a meme and call it a meme.  That’s not how memes work.  Add another mark against his self awareness.  I guess he slapped Trump on a tower and called it Trump Tower so he must think the same applies here.  Well it doesn’t.  The above is Pepe or Rare Pepe meme festooned with a bad comb over.  When Trump does something stupid and it fractals across the internet, then it will be a meme, but appropriating memes as an attempt at viral marketing is just lazy.  Oh wait… his hair is stupid and it already has already splintered across the internet like his hair does in the wind.

In addition, meme’s are organic, and as I have expounded on here and here, Trump’s campaign is anything but organic, it is more of a Trust Fund Search Engine Optimization Bubble.

“You’re fired” may be his catch phrase but it wouldn’t even make it in a top 10,000 catch phrase of all time list.  Think about how weak sauce it is compared to an “I’ll be back” or a “Wub-a-lub-a-dub-dub.”

You know what would be a good meme, calling that shit in the corner of your mouth A Trump.  Hey dude you got a little Trump in the corner of your mouth.  Dude bro, you need to LL Cool J that Trump.

7.  Talks like a 9 Year Old

Calling your opponents loser, dummy, and wacko isn’t the decorum of a President, they are the words of a censored 9 year old.  Add the fact that he posts on twitter and speaks in the 3rd person.  He might as well be a kid on winter break playing Halo while trying to avoid an FCC violation.

He literally has a 4th grade reading level of speech.  This is not hyperbole.  Fallacious arguments with a small vocabulary comes off as playground banter.  Go home to your daddy’s money Trump.  I don’t care if your dad has more money than my dad, GO HOME, you’re ugly and nobody likes you.

6.  Not a Self Made Man

Here is one of Trump’s internet lobbyists trying to push this tired old propaganda AGAIN.  I wonder what Trump pays for a 4chan crony. Or if this is just the missive of one of his willful idiots.

JUST STAHP.  He is no more a Self Made Man than the Patriot Act is Patriotic.  Seriously, stop it already.  He was born on home plate with a silver spoon up his butt.  Trump would be the Penguin had his parents floated him down the river and he had been raised in an abandoned zoo.  If they can sell the self made man lie so easily, as countless reporters seem to just spout it ad-naseum, then it is safe to assume that him being considered independent is as much of a lie if not the bigger lie of the two.

5.  A Hypocrite and a Liar

He is an utter Hypocrite.  He always complains that China is beating us, or “winning”, while outsourcing his own products there.  Why doesn’t he put his own money where his mouth is?  What is Trump’s plan for America to compete?  To reintroduce slave labor and and allow limitless pollution like Beijing?

He is an outright liar.  If nothing he has said thus far is true, then what does that say about the vague promises people assume he will keep.

4.  Crony Capitalist

He is the quintessential 1% occupyers were occupying over.  Some who sympathized with Occupy are now supporting him.  Because, he gives no fucks?  Please give me a better reason.  Or, refute this list, PLEASE.

His love of Eminent Domain should scare everyone.

Trump loves that the government can determine that a Casino is for the greater good and good for economic growth.  A CASINO.  How is a Casino ever for the greater good or for economic growth?  More like an Economic Barnacle.  When was the last time anything the government or Trump did improve the greater good or cause economic growth?  The TSA?  CISA?  The Iraq War?  Trump Tower?  The War on Drugs?  Their use of eminent domain is highly suspect.

3.  Racist and a Bigot

He will say Mexico is sending us its rapists and murders but that he loves Mexicans all in one breath.  He will blame China for making America terrible but then say that he loves doing business with them in his second breath.  This is the political equivalent of “I have a black friend” or “I don’t mean to sound racist, but.”  I honestly don’t even think he holds these views.  Like most people of his wealth and status he likely only sees class.  Any amount of picking sides or pointing fingers are simple lies to improve his ability to profit from those below him, which according to his net worth is the entire world.  Dividing us and conquering us.  People want to give him the reigns of the greatest nation not realizing he will just as soon turn the police state apparatus inward on those who voted him in first.

2.  Clinton Supporter

Every time Donald complains about Hillary or attacks her remember that he supported her with money.  Lots of money.  More money than I have made in my entire adult life.  As terrible is Hillary truly is… HE supported her.  Trump himself may be the golden butterfly wings that put Hillary in the 2016 race.  Think about that.  He funded his future opponent.  What did she give him in return?  Clinton was the crony to his capitalist.  Calling him a capitalist is too kind though, he is more of a government leach.  His twitter tirades against her and Bill are just words, they cost nothing, and are meaningless compared to his campaign contributions.

1.  No Public Service Record

The Donald lambasted Obama on having no record.  What is Trump’s record?  Most flip flops?  Most lies? Most promises he will not keep?  His record is supposedly his business acumen but in order to consider that we must ignore his golden safety net, government cronies, and him outsourcing production to CHINA.  He does have a record of being a Clinton supporter, a mouth smegma enthusiast, a big government perpetrator, an eminent domain lover, a racist, a bigot, a liar, a 3rd person talker and an orange-kin.

What has Trump done for America?  EVER?  Bad television?  Casinos?  It is intellectually dishonest to categorize Trump with truly self made men like Elon Musk or Mark Cuban who bring actual products and production to the American economy.  Can we finally stop categorizing him with Presidential hopefuls like Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders, candidates who truly are for the people?

The preceding contained some ad-hominem, 😉 but it seems only fitting.  A Trump presidency would mark the merger of Crony and Capitalist and this is the least that I could do.  Support my 2020 bid for Presidency by donating on the right.  My campaign slogan will be Make America Un-Trump Again.