Top 5 Ways to Change the World with your Powerball Winnings

Today y’all be like.

But tonight y’all gonna be like.

If you are reading this and you are the big lottery winner here are ways I have thought of using the money to make a difference beyond giving it away to people, who lets be honest, have yet to change the world for the better so why give it to them?

5.  Pay for More Responsible Media

Fund negative news stories and investigative journalism pieces about war mongers and crony capitalists.  I’m sure there are a handful of muckraking journalists on Kickstarter and Go Fund Me right now trying to get the money for a camera and travel costs to undermine politicians who are more than willing to start WW3 for a cushy military industrial complex lobbying position when their term limit has been reached.  Fund them.  Seek them out and bankroll a new more honest media.

Fund positive news stories about science and breakthroughs.  Seriously, you could buy the History channel and put History back on it.  Imagine that.  Or buy Fox news and in the biggest from of irony make it actually “Fair and Balanced”.

4. Opt out of the Dollar

Put all your winnings in Bitcoin.  If Bitcoin stays on course you would be a Bitcoin Multi-Billionaire by the end of 2016.  The influx of your winnings alone will raise the price.

Every time you buy something you should insist that you use bitcoin.  Trust me that when buying anything over 10,000$ people will find a way to accept it.  In the event they wont accept it, take your business elsewhere.  Voting with your dollar Bitcoin, a lottery sums worth of Bitcoin, could change the entire currency paradigm.  It could end the dollar hegemony.  You would be the Bitcoin Sheppard and people would flock to the currency… making you even wealthier due to the network effect.

Don’t put all your money in one crypto-currency though, invest in a basket, with a hefty portion in silver and gold of course… just opt out of the dollar war machine.  If you put all your money in a bank it will steadily lose its worth over time due to inflation.  If you don’t take the lump sum the payments from the lottery system will buy less and less assets with passing years as it will be paid to you in the ever devaluing dollar.  The United States is able to afford all of our foreign entanglements, not because of taxes, but inflation.  Inflation is the tax on the future.  It is like debt, debt our children will have to pay in the form of a 50$ hot dog.  Shock and Awe was put on the American credit card… mind you Americans are the collateral on that debt.  Because you can’t print more Bitcoin if when Bitcoin replaces the dollar politicians will have to actually raise money for war not just print it.

3. Fund Political Hecklers

For as long as the 1st Amendment exists this would be my go to use of lottery money.  Put out an ad in Craigslist, $50 to heckle a rally of an insufferable war mongering politician.  Heckling isn’t cheap.  No one has time to take off of work just to get thrown out of an event.  Set up a geo-tag verification process or something… hell, you have hundreds of millions.   Put bonus clauses for making it on the news with a colorful sign or shirt.

Remember when Rage Against the Machine played in front of Wall Street… you could probably pay to make that happen again.

2. Or just Buy Lobby a Congress Person

They are notoriously cheap.  Like 10k cheap.  You could buy lobby a majority vote with your winnings.  Pick a topic that is near and dear to you.  Let’s say Marijuana Prohibition.  Buy Lobby congress people in States that are close but not yet decriminalized and start a Super Pac or offer congress people in these states bribes speaking opportunities in exchange for them pushing a pro legalization message.

1. Start an X Prize

Imagine Science is a Donkey and you can dangle a million dollar carrot in front of it and get it to go where ever you want.  It worked for private space flight.  Pick a yet to be scientific breakthrough and create a trust with your name on it that pays out when it is discovered.  Make your prize a cure to Cancer and throw 10 million dollars in that puppy.  The first scientist to release an open patent cure for cancer wins 10 million dollars.  The open patent would ensure the world could benefit and the prize would cover the research and development.  The prize may even have the effect of a company finding the cure and patenting it before it is won as to make even more than 10 million dollars, but hey at least then we would have a cure.

My mother has Multiple Sclerosis.  I would create the Bobette Prize to End MS and float a 25 Million dollar reason for scientists to race to an open patent cure.

Space travel would be significantly easier without having to exit Earth’s gravity over and over again with propellant so how about Leeland’s Space Elevator Prize, 15 Million for the first commercial space elevator to take a man past the stratosphere.

Beyond doing the above, and buying an Aventador, I’ll probably get a used one of these.

I am not a legal expert or a financial adviser so some of these may be questionable but hopefully if you won the big one you got yourself a lawyer and they can advise you on the legality of anything from here on out.  Maybe changing the whole world for you is a bit heavy, well you can always change my world drastically by donating me some of your winnings!

Cheers, Leeland.