Trickle Down

87-year-old man accused of soliciting a prostitute earns pass from prosecutor


Why not just let the man get a taste… dude is 87. This could be trickle down economics folks.  Wealth redistribution at its finest.  He has money he can’t spend when he dies, which will be sooner than some young girl, or boy, who could use in the here and now to better their economic status with very little effort.  Who are you, I or the law to decide, whether it is in either person’s best interest to intervene?

Victim-less crimes such as these only serve the government in both revenue and a point of contact to involve themselves further in our lives.  Laws that force a warped sense of morality on everyone.  Who did he hurt?  The government is denying this man a simple pleasure and denying prostitutes dinners on their plate.

What is the purpose of a victim-less crime?  I know we are taught that the intent of these laws is prevention of associated behavior.  But is there any supporting evidence that the laws do any significant prevention?  What if the associated destructive behavior arises solely because the act is illegal?  And what are we preventing?  Two consenting adults entering into a short term contract?

“What would be the purpose in prosecuting him? ” Kent County Prosecutor William Forsyth said.

What is the purpose in prosecuting any of the people that solicited the officer William?  WTF?  Were they dangerous? No. Did they cause harm? No.  Did they destroy property?  No.  Clearly the existence of the law against their intent did nothing to stop them.  Why aren’t Republican supporting these local small businesses and entrepreneurs?  Why aren’t Democrats supporting women having complete agency over their person?

Prohibition of any kind is an erosion of our Sovereignty.