Trump an Anathema to Sovereignty

Donald Trump is Crony Capitalism Incarnate.  A golem of the merger between a totalitarian leaning state and big business.  He is the spirit animal of the corporate oligarchs.  A totem of corruption.

Eminent Domain is quite possibly one of the worst tools at the Government’s disposal, outside of extraordinary rendition.  It undermines personal sovereignty and property rights utterly, under the guise of the greater good.  Eminent Domain was designed to expedite road and highway building by giving government the authority to evict land owners from their property to build these roads and government facilities.  Except that the loosely written language in eminent domain legislation has been interpreted to benefit big businesses to evict home owners to build high rises and casinos.  Unsurprisingly Trump has used and is an unapologetic supporter and beneficiary of eminent domain.

A city can determine that they need economic growth, use eminent domain to seize your home, and allow Trump to build a new hotel in its stead.  How they suddenly determine they need economic growth, a supposed greater good?  It can come entirely from Trump himself lobbying or giving campaign contributions to the members of a city or state.  Do you think Hillary, while a Senator in NY, where Trump had significant real estate holdings only scratched his back in the form of a birthday party visit?  Maybe the reason he loves Hillary so much is that she helped him use Eminent Domain to ‘make’ the billions he constantly touts.  Their relationship and abuses of government power make them both unfit for President.

Eminent Domain of course completely undermines the 4th Amendment “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated.” Now, the fourth amendment has been interpreted in conjunction with Eminent Domain that it is reasonable that the home your family has owned for half a century can be seized to make way for a new 5 lane highway.  The 5th Amendment of the Constitution protects you from it being outright stolen “nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”  The word just is typically interpreted as market value but who can truly put a value on memories and nostalgia.

In situations where a business mogul is not corrupt enough to abuse Eminent Domain and the home owner refuses to take even exorbitant amounts of money above market value as compensation; you have situations that give rise to the premise of Disney Pixar’s UP.

Without property rights we are serfs to the nation state.  Subjects to king Trump.  If he benefited from eminent Domain as a business man be sure that he will act in kind as president.

Stay Free, Vote Lee.