I can’t help but think there is a grand conspiracy to distract me.

The sheer amount of movie and video game releases right now is daunting.  Fallout 4, Call of Duty Black Ops 3, Halo 5, Star Wars Battlefront… and the new Star Wars Movie, Deadpool Movie… do I really need to list them all? All in less than 5 months.  Then there is this bizarre surge of Flat Earthers on youtube.  WTF.  No Seriously.  Like how is this a trending topic?  Flat Earthers are an accident on the side of the highway distracting the hell out of me on my highway of life.  Imagine if you were to let this mind virus of a meme enter your life.  The relationships it could destroy.  A Flat Earth rant is in my near future.  BUT, I need to get shit done.  I need to create while there is still breath in me.  I need to leave my mark.  I NEED TO DRAW!

So what is this entertainment veil, and others, that are being laid over me?

Is it intentional?  Are there nefarious hooded misers attempting to keep me preoccupied while they steal what’s left of the middle class?  Are there robed one percenters in dank smoke filled rooms crafting veils of distraction? Or is it the development cycles of these large corporations all coinciding with each other, like all the women in an office on the same lunar cycle.  Maybe studios fire and rehire in a manner that puts them releasing content in and around the same time every 4 years.  I know the CoD franchise might as well be like Madden Football, a yearly thing, even Halo attempts a release every year, but it just seems like a bigger distraction this year, than years previous.

In Fallout, you leave the Vault for the first time to explore and level your character in dangerous world.  Ironic that you are in a way locking yourself in a vault of inactivity and sloth in order to play it.  As your character grows stronger and more powerful in the game you grow weaker in the real world and your peers expand their real world levels of wealth and experience as you give a piece of your life to ones and zeros.  Fallout is a vast world with many things to do, hand crafted to keep you busy for easily 50+ hours.  It looks amazing I want to play it badly.  The creators of Fallout, Bethesda, will skillfully expand the world through out the year to keep you coming back.  Unless you have already reached max level wealth your day job keeps the power on and feeds you while you play.  You cant wait to leave it to get home to play some more.  You probably have little time to do anything else between the two.  I am in no way advocating a life without pleasure or distraction.  Entertainment is very important.  Entertainment can get us through tough times.  Just be weary that the entertainment becomes the cause of tough time.  Are you so enthralled with the distraction you gain an additional 10 lbs of fat when you could have used that time to lose 20 lbs?  Are you using the entertainment to simply unwind or to escape from a dismal life?  If your life is dismal, working at improving it might be a better more gratifying use of your precious hours.

Maybe I’m just older and the weight of responsibility is somehow becoming thicker or I’m becoming more sensitive to it.  Look at the movie releases in 1981-84, dayum those were some distracting years.  Or the console wars.  SNES vs. Genesis.  How did we ever get anything done?  Their isn’t really a sports equivalent unless your team makes it to the playoffs, otherwise they are pretty well spaced all year long.  But spacing in sports is just prudent for money making, and again not inherently nefarious.  You certainly can get caught up in sports to a similar degree.  Belonging to several fantasy teams.  Watching hours upon hours of ESPN.  Amazing how they can spin a minutes of footage into hours of analysis.  Why not spend an hour of analyzing where you would like to be in ten years?  10 lbs heavier on the couch still watching ESPN?

ESPN, movies, video games are perfectly fine activities just enjoy them in moderation.  Don’t let a veil become a warm blanket that you go to sleep in.

This heap of distractions with a war in Syria looming.  A refugee crisis.  An attack on freedom of speech under the guise of political correctness and bullying.  A circus of a presidential primary race.  The biggest of the circuses.  The primaries have several layers of distraction.  Several curtains you must peal back.  Both sides are guilty of arguing issues they have no intention on pursuing once they reach office.  Every election cycle they bring them up in order to stir up their supporters but inevitably do nothing about them after they are elected.  We swim around the fishbowl and are once again sold the same bill of goods they didn’t deliver on last cycle.  Still at war.  Still in debt.  Some candidates are themselves veils.  Layers to an onion.  Candidates not sane enough to be put in charge of the world’s most efficient murder machine.  The primary process puts a presidential hopeful under a hot lamp.  A magnifying glass that ferrets out some weird shit.  Having several candidates take turns as the front runner, each with their own version of a bizarre picture in their home, not only work to distract from the oddities of the establishment’s chosen one but to keep him/her seeming fresh for the main event.  From the beginning, the establishment chooses one on each side, a person they trust to ensure their agenda.  Wallstreet and the banks backed both Obama and McCain equally to ensure that their goals, not the public’s, are seen through to the end, THE BANKER BAILOUTS.  The only true constant is expansion.  Expansion of power.  Expansion of spending.  Expansion of debt.  Expansion of war.

Voting is a Veil.

It is finally fairly common knowledge now that the TSA is security theater.  We are no safer with or without the TSA.  This topic is finally past the Overton Window.  I have been saying this since the advent of the TSA.

Similarly voting is choice theater.  A statement which receives the all to familiar grief of security theater statements in 2005.  We don’t get what we want from government whether we vote or don’t vote.  Voting is the grand illusion that putting a check in a box dictates the direction of the government.  Only a cheque in a politicians mail box can dictate the direction of government.

Voting does not steer the government.  The government is, as Alan Moore puts it, rudderless.  The government boat’s only abilities are growing, shrinking, and attacking.  Like a weather vein the government boat only moves or changes direction with a strong wind.  The constitution being the sail.  A wind created when we demand it.  Not with a vote but with our voice and our dollar.  We must speak truth to power loudly and often.  We must protect this 1st Amendment right to speak against our would be oppressors with the 2nd Amendment.  Our collective ability to counter attack being stronger than a government’s ability to attack us or pull down its sail.  We must buy products and support people that make government irrelevant or undermine its force monopoly and its crony capitalism.  For example, use Uber, it undermines the crony and inefficient taxi cabs oligopolies.  Buy proto-automated cars like the Tesla as they undermine traffic police to search and seize your property.  Our collective purchasing power is stronger than any lobbying arm, it forces establishment candidates suddenly change their tune.  They want to be elected after all.  Without a single vote the strong wind of popular opinion changes the direction of everyone in charge because they want to remain in charge so they change in kind.  This is how the party of D.A.R.E., Drug Abuse Resistance Education, and ‘pot is a gateway drug’ is suddenly for the decriminalization of Marijuana.

Veils shade the world in the color of the creators choosing.  They obstruct your view from the truth.  Look behind and past the curtains at the people desperately trying to wield power over you.  You simply have to acknowledge that the only people with power over you are the ones that you have abdicated that power to.

Leeland signing out!