Web Crawler: Deadpool Hype

Deadpool is one of the funnest comic book characters around, GET ON THIS HYPE TRAIN MUTHERFUCKER!!!!

If you wonder why so many cosplay Deadpool…

….(me getting DP’ed at Phoenix Comic Con)….

…look no further than D-Piddy.  If Fox and Ryan Reynolds aren’t thanking him, they should be.  I am.  Thank you D-Piddy you are likely the reason we will get to enjoy Deadpool in theaters, you hyped Deadpool first and in a big way.

Oh I will.

This may be my new favorite Epic Rap Battles, my OG fav being Bob Ross vs. Pablo Picasso.  Also, how insane is that timing, Deadpool and Star Wars both have new movies.  Ride that wave ERB, ride it all the way to the youtube bank.

They knew this would happen, it’s all over his face…. and now hers.

Seriously… some of the best promotional material around.

It’s the best.

Now some fan art!

Probably my favorite Dpool fan art.  SUGOI!!!!

Double Deadpool Points if you know the controversy that spawned this homage.

Why is it that Deadpool is so much for fun when he is making Spider-Man feel awkward?


Last one is a shameless plug… I love drawing Deadpool and Spider-Man.

Do you have a favorite Deadpool drawing? Link me some in the comments… give me all of your POOL.