Web Crawler: Episode 7 Believe the Hype

The Force Awakens has smashed the billion mark in 12 days and it’s success is only surpassed by its acclaim.  It may soon surpass Titanic and Avatar, huzzah!

The health and success of a franchise can immediately be seen in the amount of fan art that is made.  The internet has spoken.

This makes me sithcurious.

… droidcurious?

This scene needed dismembering… DISNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not enough trees.

I want dis.

Love the stances.

Would love to build one.

That is some solid concepting… dayum.

Love the character… still not a fan of the design of his helmet, maybe it will grow on me.

To think at one point I was self conscious of my ears and wore my hats to pin them down.

I could have covered them with my hair.

She did it better.

She is cute too.

I want one of these too.

And this.

It’s a pap. A sap. A crap. A frap. A brrraaaaap.

C-3PO wet butt.

I need to see it more in the theater but I am stuck at work, send me a movie ticket on the the right, thanks again for stopping by!