Web Crawler Halloween 2015

I may request off work the whole of October next year.  I need way more Halloween in my life for Skellington’s sake.

We celebrate for Spoopy.

Dat make up tho.

This costume isn’t cool when it’s taller than 4 feet, then you are just a furry.

This wont be the last of the Halloween puns.

Give him more dammit!

We need more politically incorrect humor.

This belongs here only because it may be the only tangible thing I fear.

Lil Jon Snow

Lil Jon is a rapper.

Jon Snow knows nothing. (Game of Thrones)

Everything is better with a dash of Tim Curry.

He used PUN… it was very effective.
Ash: The main character of Pokemon… the hat and Pikachu plush toy.
Wednesday: The daughter of the Adams Family.
Ash Wednesday: A religious event.

As much as I enjoy pun costumes, and the kid seems to dig it, I wonder if it was his first choice of costumes.

Too bad these are mush in 3 days.

Gonna sip a Mai Thai in Cargo Bay.

Dope! One of my favorite Disney movies.

Now this is some cool engineering/costuming.

Terrifically cute.


And the webcomic they these were likely was based on.

Stoke of genius this one.

I want one. One day we will have magic carpets.

Dat is a scary pumpkin.

And now for something truly terrifying….

Until next year, Happy Halloween!

Get to work on your costume now!