Web Crawler: Star Wars Battlefront HYPE

Check out the hype surrounding this game… the in game footage is stellar!

The first leaked footage sold me.

Vader OP… as he should be.

Vader Mount.

Get rekt Vader.

Lol Luke… needs a little Spatial Awareness.

For awhile everyone thought rebels couldn’t win… but this guy got it down.

Hope this is a DLC.

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I loved the beta, here are some clips from it.

Never got the opportunity to play as Luke or Vader nor did I jump behind an X-Wing.  The graphics in this game were simply amazing.  If Endor is rendered as well as Hoth I will have trouble getting any real work done.

My cousin’s husband worked on this TV spot.  How cool right?  Hopefully Star Wars will be around my whole life that maybe one day to I will get to work on it in some capacity.

Now to go wait in line!